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Ley  has been a vocal coach for many years and coaches her students in a unique style which she calls 'Say, Sound and Sing!'. She uses a lot of visualization and musical analogies to enable her students to gain understanding and grasp the techniques being taught by her. It's a lot of fun and great results are seen very quickly. 


'The most exciting thing about being a coach is helping someone to find both the CONFIDENCE and the FREEDOM to express themselves in song. Having the ability to just ‘sing out’ without reservation and freely express what is in your soul is priceless'

Ley Adewole


‘In a teacher you need someone who is a good listener, you don’t get that very often, Ley has a gift to listen and understand where you are at and what your needs are, she uses this gift to help me achieve my goal. She really really listened to me.'

Zarah (student)


'Ley is an inspirational teacher for she brings joy, love and fun into the lesson and allows it to emerge out of the voice from the students. What more can we want from a voice coach?’ 

Claire Marie (Zarah's mother) 


Quite simply, it’s just good being around Ley.  Her spirit and zest for life are infectious.  It’s a lesson in itself just to be around someone who sings so freely, and with every part of her body and soul, EVERY TIME she sings.   In the short time that I’ve been coached by Ley, she has transformed my knowledge of my voice and my body as an instrument.  The teaching is technical without being heavy-going and is very intuitive.  She finds ways to bypass the mind, where things can get stuck, and gets me to embody the learning so the voice can flow freely and effortlessly.  Learning how to sing with honest, soulful expression is a journey I’ve only just embarked on and all I can say is that I am extremely grateful to have a woman of this calibre as my coach.

Gillian Burke (Voice Over Presentor)



You can find her Soul Sister Ley page on facebook where she promotes her coaching through the social network.


Contact Ley Adewole  07957347873 or email

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